What’s Happening in Music:

The 5th Grade did a fantastic job on the Best Little Theater In Town! I was so impressed with all of their hard work and it really paid off. The 4th grade has started recorder karate and students have been receiving belts for memorizing songs. The 3rd graders have been looking at all the orchestra families including the: string, brass, woodwind, and percussion family. The 2nd graders are preparing for their concert and are looking forward to the concert in February.

Things to Do:

The 3rd graders have watch videos on how different instruments are made. Here is a link to video spotlights on music express magazine.

Also explore the student page called "Kids' Corner"

Question of the Month:

What instrument is played in John Cage's 4'33''?

Answer: None

Originally "written" for the piano in 4'33'' no instrument actually plays. There a 3 movements that are specific lengths of time. Below are three different performances of this famous piece. As you will see this piece is no longer just a piece for piano.

4'33'' - Piano

4'33'' - Orchestra

4'33'' - Refrigerator

Music Advocacy:

According to the Center for Timing, Coordination, and Motor Skills, students who

can perform complex rhythms can also make faster and more precise corrections

in many academic and physical situations.

From: Rhythm seen as key to music evolutionary role in human intellectual development.

Center for Timing, Coordination, and Motor Skills, 2000.

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