What’s Happening in Music:

The 5th grade is getting very close to being ready to perform! The 2nd and 3rd grade have been wrapping up their work in combining solfege and rhythm practice. 2nd grade has also started to look at the songs for their 2nd grade concert coming up in February. 4th grade has started work on the recorder.

Things to Do:

The 2nd and 3rd graders have been working on solfege through MusicplayOnline.

You can explore Musicplayonline with:

Username: snow

Password: 2020

Question of the Month:

Where is Tuvan throat singing from?

Answer: Mongolia

Here is a video link to a performance

This is one type of "overtone" singing practiced by the people in Mongolia, Tuva, and Siberia.

Music Advocacy:

Children from "arts-rich" public schools score higher on expression, risk-taking,

creativity-imagination, cooperative learning, and academic self-concept than

children in "arts poor" systems.

From: Learning In and Through the Arts: The Question of Transfer, Judith M. Burton,

Robert Horowitz, and Hal Abeles, Studies in Art Education, 2000, 41(3): 228-257

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