What’s Happening in Music:

Students have been preparing for the Veterans day assembly that will be held Wednesday, November 6th. We have also been wrapping up our review of rhythm and learning the new rhythms for the year.

Things to Do:

Dia de Muertos – Nov. 2nd-3rd at the Seattle Center

Hmong New Year- Nov. 9th at the Seattle Center

Soyaya (African Music and Dance from West Africa) – Nov. 16th at Crossroads Mall

Winterfest – Nov. 29th at the Seattle Center Armory

Question of the Month:

What classical composer was also a school teacher?

Answer: Franz Schubert

Upcoming Concerts:

January 30th, Thursday – 5th Grade Musical

February 6th, Thursday – 2nd Grade Concert

March 26th, Thursday – 4th Grade Washington Festival (Day Concert)

April 28th, Tuesday – 3rd Grade Concert

May 7th, Thursday – 1st Grade Concert

May 21st, Thursday – Kindergarten Concert

Music Advocacy:

60% of parents whose children sing in choirs today say their child's ability to read others' emotions or manage their own has improved since their child joined a choir.

From: 2009 Chorus Impact Study

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