Week of April 6th- 10th

On MusicPlay look to the left side for Rhythm Composition and then click on Interactive  Rhythm Composition. Make a few different rhythms. Clap along with the recording as it plays what you have created. Video Directions

Video Directions:

Here is a great song to get up and move to this week: Fight Song

This week we are looking at the country of Senegal!

For the past two years we have had Thione Diop come and teach us about Senegalese music at Sunny Hills. Here is one of hid bands performing at the Seattle Center for the yearly event: Spirit of West Africa

Here are a few different types of instruments seen and heard in Senegal. They are also seen in other parts of West Africa as well.

Tama (Talking Drum)

Zakir Hussain is a composer, Percussionist, Actor and Music Producer

Born in 1951 he grew up in Mumbai, India and started performing Tabla at the age of 12. His father was a famous Tabla player named Allah Rakha.

Zakir Hassain is a master Tabla player who fuses Indian music with other international musical genres.

Here is Mr. Hussain playing Tabla

Mr. Hussain gives tours all over the world giving as many as 150 tours a year and he has composed music for many films and has won lots of music awards including a Grammy.

Here is Mr. Hussain collaborating with musicians of different world music backgrounds.