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Week of May 18th - 22nd
Music Activity:

 Explore Chrome Music Lab! Here is a video explaining what to do.


Get up and dance to this dance of the week: Under The Sea

Artist of the Week:

Tito Puente was a composer, conductor, and percussionist

Tito Puente is known as the King of Latin Jazz.

Mr. Puente was a musical pioneer who fused Jazz with Latinx styles like mambo, cha-cha, salsa, merengue, and more.

Mr. Puente grew up in Spanish Harlem in NYC. He attended the Julliard school of Music and won 5 Grammys during his lifetime. He lived from 1923-2000. Mr. Puente donated his signed Timbales to the Smithsonian Institute that are now part of the museums collection.

Here he is performing one of his most famous songs, Oye Como Va!

Also here is Mr. Puente performing on Sesame Street!

Finally here he is performing with the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz!

Unplugged Activity:

Take some time to do something outside or off the computer! This week's unplugged activity is Rhythm Dribble: Draw different note values in different boxes and bounce a ball to the correct note value - Video Demonstration